Kitchen Remodel

Making your Kitchen Dreams a Reality

The Hub of the Home

There is absolutely no reason to settle for less. When it comes to the hub of the home, the kitchen is the room that brings people together. Why not make it the room of your dreams.

No Surprises

We fully inspect, measure and research your project for the most accurate price estimate and eliminate surprises down the road.

Smart Investments Pay-off

Once you make the wise choice to renovate your kitchen , you will also increase the value of your entire home, making the entire process completely worth it.

Don’t let the thought of Kitchen remodeling overwhelm you. We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the design process… one step at a time.

We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that steps do not get over looked and the budget stays in tact.

  • EVALUATE YOUR CURRENT KITCHEN – Demo is everyone’s favorite part, but it can wait a little bit longer in order to properly plan.
  • LOOK FOR IDEAS & INSPIRATION  – It’s important that your design reflects your unique lifestyle and family. Don’t panic if you are unsure about the design layout, we can assist with that part.
  • DETERMINE A BUDGET – Not sure how much you should invest in your new kitchen? Don’t worry, Renovations Unlimited will work with you determine a realistic investment figure for your new kitchen.
  • WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL – Whether its remodeling an existing space, expanding to incorporate more room, or starting from the ground up, it can seem like a daunting task if you are alone. You will appreciate the knowledge and expertise Renovations Unlimited brings to the table.
  • DESIGN & PLANNING PROCESS –  Allow yourself plenty of time to make your selections. Planning the process early, rather than under time constraints, allows for comparison shopping and careful consideration of preferred fixtures and features.
  • INSTALLATION– Expect the unexpected! The bigger the kitchen remodeling project, the greater potential there is for problems along the way, such as lost deliveries, wrong parts, and on-the-spot changes. But if you keep your cool, and stay calm, you’ll be able to ensure the process runs smoothly, while you sit back and enjoy it.
Renovations Unlimited is a full service, Michigan Company specializing New Construction & Remodeling. Whether designing your brand new home or fixing up your existing home, we have built a reputation on achieving highly respected clients that give excellent referrals for our work

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