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Don’t Let Small Jobs Get You Down, Let Our Handyman Services Help You Check Them Off Your List!


Small repair jobs around the house can be just as overwhelming for a homeowner, as large renovation projects. This is especially true for working families, who are short on time, and choose to try and attempt DIY projects. Most often, they lack the skills needed to take on home repair jobs successfully. It is these families who can find a real benefit from hiring the services of a skilled handyman.


Hiring a handyman means getting a skilled worker for your home repair jobs. Replacing even a single tile on your kitchen floor has to be done perfectly to avoid the risk of it sticking out from other perfectly aligned tiles. Changing a faulty light bulb can seem easy enough, but not when you suspect a wiring problem. Handymen can finish repair jobs quickly and much more efficiently, eliminating the need for repeat attempts to repair the same problem. Essentially, when you hire us, you can minimize recurring repair jobs.

Benefits of Hiring Renovations Unlimited Handyman Services


  • We can get all your small unfinished projects and repairs done in just one day
  • You will only have one person in your home, not an entire crew
  • Hiring Handymen saves precious time and money
  • You will get the best price on materials and won’t have to rent any tools

A handyman is a skilled professional who is able to carry out various types of home repair or renovation projects. Not every handyman is skilled in every type of home repair job. While some may specialize in carpentry, roofing or painting jobs; while others may only specialize in plumbing, flooring or electrical jobs, we at Renovations Unlimited do it all. We are licensed professionals, who are insured and follow building regulations. We also have referrals available upon request and will tackle ANY job, big and small!

Our Handyman Can Address:

Minor Plumbing Work:  installing new fixtures, and repairing a leaky or clogged faucet.

Apply Caulk: adding a fresh application of caulk to gaps between windows, doors and siding is a great way to improve energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Decks and Porches: replacing broken boards, apply a finish or sealant and improving overall safety and appearance.

Gutter Cleaning: cleaning debris and leaves out of gutters, and installing gutter guards to prevent seasonal clogging.

Home exterior repairs: loose pieces of siding, missing shingles or exterior painting.

Interior Touch-ups: small painting jobs, spackling small holes and small wood work repairs.

Hanging and Installation: window treatments, pictures, mirrors, light fixtures and fans.

Renovation Unlimited makes it easy to manage your home renovation projects, get competitive and professional quotes, and schedule appointments, risk free.

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