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“Creating a more attractive living space that is functional as well as beautiful is our main concern”

-Edward Buczkowski

When you hire Renovations Unlimited, we work with you closely to develop a plan that is a perfect for you and your family. Designing the entire project from start to finish will be performed efficiently as well as meticulously. Our Brighton renovation contractors are a team of professionals that you can trust.

  • Kitchen Remodel
    Unlimit the potential of your kitchen. Design a floor plan that fits your lifestyle.
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  • beautiful walk in shower from Renovations Unlimited
    Bathroom Remodel
    Catering to your personal needs, bathrooms can include various customizations.
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  • beautiful exterior home remodel
    Let Our Professional Brighton Exterior House Remodel Contractor and Installers Give Your Home More Curb Appeal with Beautiful Exteriors Let Your Home Make a Positive First Impression As a homeowner, you have many decisions to make. Deciding whether to hire a professional Brighton exterior house remodel contractor to work on your home, or to make repairs yourself is something you may face sooner or later. If you do not have the appropriate tools for the job or the knowledge and experience to do it correctly, repairs may end up costing more than you think they should. Hiring a professional will ensure that it is done up to codes and standards, so that all repairs are safe and secure. When considering getting work done on the exterior of your home you will want to take a walk all the way around it. Check from the top to bottom, looking at the roof, gutters, siding, windows, doors, and the foundation on which it all rests. You'll want to make sure that your home exterior is keeping out bugs, vapors, moisture and water, and the heat/conditioned air is kept inside the home. Signs of Needed Repair: Porch and Deck: Look for loose deck boards Excessive dirt and grime Wood rot Missing nuts or screws Cracked or crumbled concrete Excessive repair patches Windows and Doors: Check caulking around windows and doors, making sure it's not cracked or peeling Trim should show no signs of rot or decay Windows should not be cracked and broken Seals should be tight and not cracked or missing Doors should be hung properly with a seal in tact Crooked windows that seem shifted are an indication of foundation problems Siding and Roof: Brittle or cracked siding pieces Missing or fallen siding panels Broken or loose gutters Loose or peeling roof shingles Dark and bare spots on the roof Nearly every homeowner needs the help of a contractor at one time or another, give us a call and we will be happy to get you a quote. How’s the exterior of your home holding up this year? Do you have any plans for maintenance or repairs that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them! Contact us today! Our Brighton exterior house remodel contractor and siding experts would love to assist you in making all your renovating dreams a reality. Take a look at how we could transform your kitchen.
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Vision & Mission

Let our professional Brighton renovation contractor handle the big projects, right down to the details…making your renovation dreams a reality.


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We work with Lake Trust Credit Union and other respected lenders.


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By interpreting a client’s style and needs, we can successfully incorporate function while maintaining beautiful design.

With over 30 years of experience in New Construction and Remodeling we tackle any job, big, small, we do it all!

Big and Small, We Do It All!

Whether it’s updates or adding additions to your home, we are the specialists you can count on!


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Renovations Unlimited is a full service, Michigan Company specializing New Construction & Remodeling. Whether designing your brand new home or fixing up your existing home, we have built a reputation on achieving highly respected clients that give excellent referrals for our work

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